Battle Damaged T-800 – The Terminator


We at Coolture Collectibles are massive Terminator fans and so we are SUPER excited to introduce this Terminator figure by Hot Toys.

Hot Toys proudly presents this specially hand-crafted Terminator collectible from the hit 1984 movie The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is Hot Toy’s love letter to the iconic sci-fi action movie about a cyborg assassin sent back through time on a mission to eliminate the future of mankind.

The Terminator is a movie known for its dark, raw and ominous atmosphere. The Terminator trailer (see below) best sums up its plot:

“From a future, where men must hide underground ….. has come a machine wrapped in flesh; who kills ….. but cannot be killed! Arnold Schwarzenegger is ….. TERMINATOR. An assassin from the 21st century, sent back through time. His target – is a woman who holds the key to the future! Her only hope is a soldier who has hunted the Terminator from the future, into the present!”

This Terminator collectible has been specifically crafted to recreate several key scenes throughout the Terminator movie, in which the Terminator is dangerously hot on the heels of his target Sarah Connor and has sustained an extreme amount of inhumane damage along the way in his path of destruction!

This particular Terminator collectible recreates the accurate and realistic look of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his battle damaged form; including two interchangeable head sculpts, one depicting his damaged left eye and the other depicting severe damage on the left side of his face, both of which feature a red light up LED in the left eyeball.

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged Left Eye

Left eye damage with LED light up

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged End Pursuit 2

Left side damage with LED light up

This Terminator figure is a large collectible figure, measuring at 1/6th scale. It comes dressed in realistic clothing that the Terminator wore during the police station assault scene and the end movie pursuit scene, including his iconic leather jacket, combats, T-shirt and leather boots. He also comes with his icon Gargoyle sunglasses and the red LED in his left eye can be seen through the lens, recreating the classic Terminator poster.

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged Police Station Assault 2

The Terminator in leather jacket and Gargoyle sunglasses during the police station assault

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged End Pursuit

The Terminator during the end movie pursuit

This collectible figure further comes with an assortment of weapons accurate to the ones used by the Terminator in movie, including the shotgun, the assault rifle and the iconic .45 Longslide with laser sighting, as well as different hands that can be placed on and removed to hold the weapons. The level of detail put into the weapons are truly insane and extraordinary!

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged Accessories

Accessories including interchangeable head sculpts, weapons and changeable hands

If you were to lift the top clothing of the figure, you will also see the damage accurately depicted on the Terminator’s body, including bullet holes, blood and the damaged arm revealing the cyborg hydraulics as seen in the classic scene in which the Terminator attempts to repair himself.

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged Display Stand

The Terminator and display stand

The Battle Damaged T-800 Terminator is a fully articulate figure – pose it in anyway you want to recreate the classic scenes of the iconic movie ….. or better yet – create your own scene!

This collectible figure also comes complete with a display stand so that you can exhibit your Terminator pride and joy however you want.

Fans of The Terminator will go absolutely bananas over this collectible figure and now you can own a piece of Terminator history!

The Terminator collectible figures by Hot Toys are without a shadow of doubt the most accurate and realistic Terminator figures you will ever get and are sure guaranteed to look awesome in anyone’s collection!

Terminator Collectible Figure Battle Damaged Police Station Assault



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